Various Training Skills

Sewing Training & Services

During the 12 month sewing class, KWESU aims to teach its students how to articulate various skills such as knitting and crouching, however sewing is the main focus. As well as sewing clothes for local schools in the area, KWESU also designs traditional attires for the hospitality and hotel industry such as curtains, linen, table clothes and aprons. After completion of the 12 month course, KWESU provides its students with a sewing certification and knowledge that can be fed back into their communities thereafter.

Other Services

Skills Training

KWESU offers various skills training classes, one being a 12 month certified sewing classes that cover sewing clothing, knitting and crocheting. Our computer literacy classes also help women learn how to master essential programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, emails, internet browsing and managing their social presence such as Facebook.

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Supplies & Equipment

Social Enterprise

KWESU is committed to helping communities in need through clothing, supplies & equipment and food donations. As well as making our own donations we also distribute donations we receive from other organisations to the homeless, orphanages, old age homes and the community. We are all one community and Kwesu believes in empowering one another to help mend the bridge of poverty.

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Supplies & Equipment


KWESU also works with other organisations that empower women, social development and skills training. To help nurture leadership, KWESU provides leadership workshops and support groups tailored to the needs of its women. These help address important issues such as individual strength, self-awareness, self-acceptance, starting a small business and leadership skills.

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Our Clubs


Soccer Club

To eliminate crime and negative activities, Kwesu formed a soccer department for young boys. We have a first team, under 18, 16 and younger, with more than 25 players.

If you have a child between 13-18 years, contact our office to arrange a meeting with our coach.
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Club 50

Club 50 is a women’s initiative that meets every second week to empower, inspire and transform women above the age of 50 years.

If you are a woman who is 50+ years, get in touch with our office to find out more information about our gatherings.
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