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"It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."

– Mother Teresa




KWESU welcomes any and all clothing donations. As well as distributing our own donations, KWESU accept clothing donations from other organisations and individuals to help the homeless, orphanages, old age homes and any members of the community in need.

Supplies & Equipment

Supplies & Equipment

In order to sustain the work that we do, KWESU is grateful for any supplies or materials you might be able to donate. Donations such as food, groceries, material, or sewing equipment are all welcomed as they help us continue our work and supporting the woman and staff among us.

Supplies & Equipment

Food Bank

Our food bank project is another way for us to give back to the community at KWESU organisation. Food bank is open to anyone who would like to donate food parcels, tin stuff, vegetables and toiletries. These include organisations, companies and individuals who feel they can make a positive contribution.

Financial Donations & Sponsorship

Help us empower more women.

Every donations counts in the lives of the women that we work with. Your donation can help us to continue to upskill women in need, purchase the resources needed for our sewing classes and workshops as well as help financing services such as our after soccer academy for local children in our surrounding schools. Make a donation today and see what a difference you can make to empower women and children alike.


Spread the news

If you’ve heard of KWESU and are interested in participating or know a way to help grow our organisation we’d love to hear from you. Help us grow our following and realise our dream of helping women overcome the many challenges that they encounter in their lives by spreading the word on social media, get involved or simply starting a conversation.