Empowering women through skills training and the creation of income opportunities.

Empowering women

through skills training and the creation of income opportunities

means home.

Many of us are living far from our homes, our families, and our villages – from everything that once was home. At Kwesu we hope to create a home and family here in Cape Town. A place to support one another with our struggles and triumphs; a place that is full of comfort and both emotional and economic empowerment.

Kwesu Team
The Love for sewing

The love for sewing

KWESU’s team of skilled seamstresses are committed to helping empower women through their various service offerings, such as their sewing classes. These courses focus on the detailed techniques of sewing, where they will be taught how to make uniforms that will then be sold to local schools in the area.. By educating women through these classes, it is KWESU’s hope that it will equip them with the necessary skills to start their own small enterprises and create sustainable incomes for themselves and those around them.

Our Objective

Kwesu’s objective is to empower African women. We believe that to educate a woman is to educate a nation.

At Kwesu women work together and try to overcome the many challenges that they encounter in their lives. Kwesu helps to develop the talent and potential of these women in order for them to improve themselves, their families, their children and to be part of the development of the country. Many women cannot use their talents and skills because of obstacles they may encounter in the form of a lack of computer skills, language barriers, child care, life skills and illiteracy. Kwesu has identified these problems and is finding solutions for them by equipping women with the necessary skills to help them to overcome these challenges.

Our Objective

"The only way I can express my gratitude to those who gave me opportunities, is by giving opportunities to others."

— Patricia Mudiayi

Our Objective

Kwesu COVID 19

In this difficult time, Kwesu partnered with The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) to create opportunities for people to make money.

The pandemic came unexpectedly for many people, organisations and companies. Kwesu organisation has been supportive within various communities (South Africa, DRC and Zimbabwe). The women from our communities had the opportunity to make masks for medical staff, NGOs, old age homes and retail workers on the frontline of the COVID 19 fight. Together, we have made over 3800 masks. It has been a great experience to see these women benefiting and being uplifted during the lockdown.

We can't always choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it.

The Jerusalema dance | Made by  Kwesu